Unleash your potential to get everything you want in life
Sprint towards the life you want with clarity and confidence. Discover fresh new (sometimes unconventional) ways to tackle your problems, and improve your relationships.
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Mental kung fu moves to expand your perspective and give you more thinking tools

Maximise Your Present with Mental Time Travel
Feb 28, 2023

A simple exercise to help you savour and cherish the present even more.

How to Ask Someone Out and Feel Great About It
Feb 28, 2023

The fear of rejection when asking someone out can be paralysing. What if you can get yourself to feel that the rejection doesn’t even matter?

Three Methods to Beat Procrastination In 10 Minutes or Less
Feb 28, 2023

Struggling to get started on doing things? Try these methods ranging between 1, 2 and 10 minutes.

Hi, I'm Desmond. I'm a life coach, a business consultant, and a designer.

After ten years of experience in running businesses, design and user research, I’ve noticed people struggle to live the life they want due to a lack of clarity and the confidence to take action. At Fresh Eyes, I work with individuals to catalyse internal transformation, and take steps to change their lives.

I’m also the co-founder of Statement.sg, a subversive fashion label that has been featured on ELLE, FHM, Nylon, Shopify, etc. I’m passionate about people, the art of living, and the courage to be naughty.

And no, that is not my dog.

Life coaching Service

Personalised life coaching to get you unstuck in life

Explore fresh and playful solutions with me to tackle your challenges through 60 min   private coaching calls. I’ll be your mental fitness coach in your transformation journey towards the life you want.

✚ Find and build life-changing friendships and relationships

Feeling lonely with no one to hang out with? We’ll dive into how you can find the people or companion you want in life, and build meaningful connections with them. I’ll be your supportive wingman.

✚ Create a safe space to be yourself

Feeling misunderstood or unsafe to share your personal issues with people around you? I’ll help you feel understood and create a safe space to be your true self with you.

✚ Boost resourcefulness and resilience to resolve life problems

Feeling like you’re in an uninspired dead end with no good ideas or solutions to your problems? We’ll explore strategies to unleash an abundance of solution ideas, and take active steps to overcome your problems.

✚ Start getting things done, and continue getting things done

Feeling unproductive and stagnant when trying to get things done? I’ll work with you to make it super easy to take action, and build a sustainable system of habits to keep your productive momentum going.

Desmond has helped me stop overthinking and overcome decision paralysis. He has given me frameworks for processing thoughts in a rational and objective manner, and for better decision-making, so that I can resolve emotionally tough situations and be more confident with my decisions. Now, I have become a more decisive person. - Arisa

Tailor-made solutions to get your business off the ground

Starting and running a business alone can be daunting and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. Based on your business direction and challenges, I will work closely with you to achieve results.

✚ Get more new or returning customers

Refine your product and your marketing approach by deeply understanding what your customers want and how to serve them better.

✚ Improve sales conversion rates

Build and optimise your business’s online touch points across your website and social media platforms.

✚ Save countless hours and days

Automate checkout processes, recurring payments, and other repetitive manual tasks in sales and operations. Cut down administrative time by up to 80%, so that you can focus on building your product and serving your customers, and have more personal time.

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